Old Navy Brand Analysis

Fritcher – Old Navy – Brand Analysis


PART 1: Platform Identification


Facebook https://www.facebook.com/oldnavy
Twitter https://twitter.com/OldNavy
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/oldnavy/
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/gap-inc.-old-navy/
Snapchat https://www.snapchat.com/add/oldnavy
TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@oldnavy?utm_source=tt_1&source=h5_t
Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/oldnavy/
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/oldnavy
Tumblr https://oldnavy.tumblr.com/
(Other platforms)


PART 2: Facebook Analysis


Page name: Old Navy


User name: @oldnavy


Profile photo description: Navy blue circle with “Old Navy” text in white.


Cover photo description: The cover photo is a collage of photos coordinating with the current shopping season: winter. The photos all have a similar aesthetic and color scheme.


Page description: “Fashion for the people. Click around, be inspired, get some nice things.”


Business details: Category: Clothing Brand-Clothing Store, Website: oldnavy.gap.com, Founding Year: 1994, Other social media: Instagram and Twitter are listed. 


CTA buttons (if any): The CTA button is a “Send Message” button.


Evaluate the page’s use of tabs. Which tabs does this page use? Are they using them effectively? If not, what would you recommend? 

I would say that Old Navy is using the page tabs feature very wisely. For example, their photos tabs show many albums of photos displaying items from the brand both from the business side and the customer side of things. They also have a video tab showing videos of new arrivals, commercials, and interviews. Another really beneficial tab is their locations tab. You can click on this tab and it brings you to a page where you can type in your location and it will bring up the store(s) closest to you. They are also using the Events tab to show upcoming events that they are putting on, for example, they, along with CBS Sports, are hosting an event called “The Flex Zone” on March 11, 2020, at the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas, Nevada. 


Other observations: I noticed that a customer was having trouble ordering from the website for store pickup and Old Navy Customer Relations was in the comments trying to help this customer out with this specific problem. I also noticed that they give a bit of a rundown of their products on their about page. It says, “Flip flops, jeans, PJs, and Rings. Hoodies, hats, polos, and tanks. Shorts, tees, dresses, and capris. Fun fashion, great deals, hot tunes, and good cheer! This would be so beneficial for someone who has never shopped at or heard of the store before. It gives a somewhat clear idea of what their store has to offer. Although, it is missing the fact that they sell women’s, men’s, AND children’s clothing. I feel like that is a very important thing to mention, and this description makes it sound like a women’s only store. 


PART 3: Twitter Analysis


Twitter name: Old Navy Official


Twitter handle: @OldNavy


Profile photo (description): Navy background with the words “Old Navy” in white 


Header image (description): header image is a collage of athleisure looks, same aesthetic throughout chosen photos


Bio (exact words): 

“Fashion for the people. Be inspired, get some nice things, start the conversation. 


Questions? Tweet @ONCustServ or call 1-800-OLD-NAVY”


Pinned tweet (description): Old Navy’s Twitter page does not feature a pinned tweet.


What is the rationale for the pinned tweet? N/A


What are the similarities between the organization’s Twitter account and Facebook pages? 

  • Link to Old Navy website
  • Blend of photo and video posts
  • Bio is the same as Facebook’s page description
  • Same profile photo


What are the differences between the organization’s Twitter account and Facebook pages?

  • Photos used in the header image collages are different
  • Less active on Twitter than on Facebook


Other observations:

  • More active during the  holiday season than any other time
  • Not a lot of interaction between Old Navy customers or other brands
  • Old Navy is “liking” tweets of people mentioning @OldNavy but no responses or retweets


PART 4: Instagram Analysis


Instagram username: @oldnavy


Profile photo (description): Navy blue background with “Old Navy” in white letters


Header image (description): Instagram has no header image


Bio (exact words): 

👗 hi, fashion

🌈 hi, family

🍉 hi, fun

👋 #sayhi


Link in bio (if any): https://likeshop.me/oldnavy


What are the similarities between the organization’s Instagram account, Twitter account, and Facebook pages?


  • Similar colors
  • Similar photos on Facebook and Instagram
  • Same captions on Facebook and Instagram



What are the differences between the organization’s Instagram account, Twitter account, and Facebook pages?


  • More consistent on Facebook and Instagram
  • Teaser video on Instagram 2 hours ago about a Disney+, Pixar, and Old Navy collab



Other observations:

Old Navy is definitely most consistent on Instagram out of the socials we have analyzed so far. They are also making use of Instagram Stories and the highlight features that are available on Instagram. 


PART 5: Branding Guide


Link to your brand’s design/branding guide: I was not able to locate Old Navy’s branding guide.


I was very determined to find Old Navy’s brand guide, but I had no such luck. I used phrases like “Old Navy’s brand guide,” “Old Navy’s brand book,” “Old Navy’s style guide,” “Old Navy’s brand book,” “Old Navy’s brand guidelines,” etc. I searched with and without quotation marks. I looked at other students’ Old Navy brand projects online to see if they referenced the brand book/guide. I searched through both the Old Navy and GAP (Old Navy’s parent company) websites and blogs. I did find some names of members of the design team through one of the blog posts, so I searched for them online. I did find the current Executive VP of Design at Old Navy on LinkedIn to see if I could get anywhere there. I was going to message her just to see, but you have to have the premium version on LinkedIn to message someone like her.


What are the key takeaways about the voice and style of this brand that social media managers must know? 

  • Authentic
  • Jargon-filled
  • Fun 
  • Engaging 
  • Friendly
  • Passionate
  • Entertaining while also informing about the brand


PART 6: Branding Analysis Summary 



  • How would you describe the brand’s “voice” for each of the following platforms? (If your brand had a Branding Guide, be sure to reference it. Describe the voice in terms of tone, attitude, and purpose.)
  • Facebook: Old Navy has a very personal tone on Facebook, as well as their other social media platforms. It seems like another friend in your feed when you read their captions and posts. When it comes to attitude, the brand is very fun and friendly. The captions and posts are very jargon-filled, which adds to its fun and relevant attitude. The Old Navy Facebook is meant to inform people about the brand, while also keeping an entertaining factor with fun photos, videos, and captions.
  • Twitter: I have mentioned before that Old Navy is not using its Twitter page very consistently at all. The majority of posts are either not current or are just identical to other social media platform posts. Therefore the tone is very personal with fun and friendly attitudes. Again, the purpose is to inform, while also entertaining. 
  • Instagram: Old Navy is not really treating each social media platform as a separate means of communicating with its customers or potential customers. They are often posting identical content to both their Facebook and Instagram pages. This bodes well with keeping a consistent voice and tone throughout, but does not reflect well on trying to reach different audiences on different platforms. Therefore, the tone is once again very personal. It is like seeing a friend post, by how they write their captions. Attitudes on Instagram are the same as Facebook and Twitter, very fun, friendly, and jargon-filled. Once again, the Instagram posts’ purpose are to inform while also entertaining viewers, customers, and potential customers. 




  • What content type does your brand do best? (Text+Link, Video, Photos, Infographics, Interactive Content)


I believe Old Navy does a really great job with video content. Video content is great on social media for attracting people to a brand or page. Not only are they posting video content consistently, which is key, they are posting quality video content. It is not like they are posting content that is just thrown together without much thought or work. The video content that they are putting out is quality, engaging, relevant, and bodes well with customers and potential customers, which you can see in the number of times the posts are viewed. 



  • Provide a link to one of your favorite posts from your brand this semester. What does this piece of content do well


The post that I linked is a piece of video content that Old Navy released as their Earth Day campaign on April 22nd. I noticed a lot of brands focusing on their Earth Day campaigns this year, so I was worried that Old Navy’s wouldn’t really stand out against all the other campaigns released that day. This piece of content is a video of a pair of Old Navy denim shorts being washed to shore in the ocean and the line reads “heart EARTH.” The video is of great quality and the message focuses on the April 22nd Earth Day movement, while also featuring a piece from their product line. The video did not do as well as some of the other video content on the Old Navy feed, but I really enjoyed this specific piece of content. 




  • What did you learn about using social media as a result of studying the brand this semester?


I learned so much about social media this semester. I have such a huge interest in this subject area and am so lucky to have gotten the chance to take this class to close out my time at USI. I feel like following one brand throughout the semester really allowed me to zero in on specific aspects of branding and social media, instead of looking at multiple brands and comparing. I really got to dive deep into Old Navy’s social media and branding goals by looking at their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. I looked at aspects of their pages I never would have noticed otherwise. Taking a look at one brand throughout the semester really gave me a chance to focus on colors, fonts, voice, tone, and other things that make up a brand’s brand! Since I started using social media for branding myself and my blog, I’ve known what a tool it is, so seeing it come to life and really applying what I have learned in my marketing and social media coursework to a well-known and well-loved brand was really eye-opening. I am sincerely going to miss this class and the “assignments” so much!


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