College Graduation Series | 5 Ways to Prepare for Post-Grad Life

Hello friends and welcome back to Calli Rose Blog.

In this blog post, I am going to be sharing 5 ways you can start preparing for life post graduation. Graduating college can be an exciting time filled with pride and accomplishment, but it can also be a sad and scary time, leaving friends, stressing about careers, and worrying about finances.

With my own graduation in May looming, I have started working on some things to give me some peace of mind and hopefully a foot in the door in the working world. So, keep reading to learn about the 5 ways you can also prepare for the post-grad life!


1.Create Resume and Cover Letter

  • Everyone knows that a solid resume and cover letter are vital for applying for internships and jobs. I recommend using Canva to find a resume template that works for you. I also recommend getting someone you can trust to look over your resume to make corrections, check grammar and punctuation and more! Remember to update your resume every six to twelve months.

2.Update LinkedIn Page

  • LinkedIn is a great way to network with peers, companies and businesses, future employers, and others in your community. Start by setting up your LinkedIn profile page with your name, email address, field of study, school, experience, skills, accomplishments, and more. Start adding connections and getting your name out there. I add people like peers from school, leaders in the community I am looking for jobs in, and people who are already employed at placing I may be interested in working at after college. It is also helpful to post about academic achievements, share posts related to your field, and like and comments on posts made by your connections. Remember to keep updating your LinkedIn page and keep adding connections and really use it to network!

3.Take a Quality Head Shot for LinkedIn Profile

  • Grab a camera or quality phone camera and ask a friend to take a few shots of you for a head shot or if your school offers a free head shot, take them up on the opportunity. Having a quality head shot to be able to use for your LinkedIn profile photo is a great way to complete you LinkedIn page and help you stand out. My head shot was taken on an iPhone by my sister after a business presentation. I had my sister get me with my college building in the background and I love that it’s not just in front of a gray back drop!

4.Apply for Internships and Start Applying for Jobs

  • I don’t have a lot of experience in this area, as I have not had an internship as of now, but they are a great way to gain experience and build your resume before applying for jobs in your career area. It is also important to start applying for jobs early. You never know when companies and businesses will start hiring, so it is never too early to start getting you name out there. Look for jobs on LinkedIn, Indeed, company websites, etc. My university even offers a Career Launch site that can helps students find post-grad jobs, so make sure you utilize anything your school offers in that area!

5.Complete Online Certifications Related to your Field of Study

  • One of my friends told me to look into some certifications that she recommended to me. Some of them were free and some were not. I decided to look into the free courses online that will get me certified in certain subject areas. Of course, you will have to research websites that will offer certifications in your career area and make sure that the websites are trustworthy. If you are interested in marketing or sales, I highly recommend checking out sites like Hootsuite and HubSpot Academy (just make sure the courses you are taking say “certification”). These certifications could really give you a leg up in the job market and are great ways for people with little experience to add something to their resumes.


Well, friends. There you have it, my 5 tips for getting prepared for life after graduation. I hope some of you found this helpful and give you some peace of mind that others are stressing about this season of life as well. We don’t all have it together, but as long as we are taking baby steps in the right direction, we are all going to be just fine.

Enjoy the rest of your college career!


calli rose

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